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We are a group of visionary Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) embracing the culture we grew up in! We believe that healthy aging is an attitude for any age, hence the name Aging with Attitude. Many of us Boomers are resistant to labels, because we know that labelling limits our abilities as equals in society.   Many of us do not relate to the “senior silo” that is the legacy of our parents and grandparents.    Our concerns are many, but some of the more common include maintaining a life of purpose and value which often means some form of suitable employment or business interests. We find ourselves caring for our elderly parents and having to navigate the health care system on their behalf and is another of our concerns.  Our own health is paramount and many of us have a tendency to gravitate towards the holistic approach. Components towards this holistic or whole-life engagement approach include vocational, spiritual, physical and emotional to name just a few. We are one of the largest demographics of all time and we’ve made lots of changes in the world.  Many of us are reinventing and rediscovering ourselves. The passion we are discovering in ourselves take us beyond what we thought was energetically possible. We’ve always thrived on collaboration in everything we do. We’re looking for like-minded Boomers and support organizations who would like to help in carving out the new social frontier of Aging with Attitude in northern B.C.
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We welcome enquiries from communities throughout B..C about Aging with Attitude possibilities in your region. Contact event coordinator Rita Wiebe 250-565-5475
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